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Pets are part of the family, and it’s heartbreaking when your dog or cat isn’t feeling their best. But it’s not always easy to know that your pet is in pain. They can’t exactly tell you! Before you decide on a treatment—whether it’s pills from the veterinarian or cannabis oil for pets—you’ll want to look for signs of pain.

If your pet isn’t feeling well, they may be lethargic or hiding from members of the family more than normal. They may be irritable or not want to eat. Animals in pain may also whimper or limp. If you see these signs, you’ll want to care for them just like any other family member. Cannabis oil has proven to be a popular and effective treatment. But is it safe?

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What is Cannabis Oil for Pets?

To produce cannabis oil for pets, a company must first harvest the cannabis plants from a farm. Workers normally separate the cannabis flowers from the leaves and the stems, as each part of the plant is used for different purposes. For example, your pet’s leash could easily be made from hemp rope woven from the hardy stems.

Laboratories usually use the flowers and the leaves, primarily, to create an extraction of the botanical compounds that make up the plant. This may mean soaking plants in oils or using high-pressure oxygen blasts to separate out the fibrous materials. The production results in the cannabis benefits distilled into an oil-based product for sale throughout California.

Why Use Cannabis on a Dog or Cat?

Secondhand smoke can be harmful to a pet’s lungs, so many pet owners interested in using cannabis as a treatment for pet pain turn to cannabis oil. A veterinarian is unable to prescribe this treatment in California, but that doesn’t mean it is unsafe. There are many loopholes and conflicts in the laws surrounding cannabis.

It was just 30 years ago that researchers discovered that cannabis has medical benefits in humans and other mammals. Any animal with a spine also has what is known as an endocannabinoid system. This system supports a body’s endocrine system. This is responsible for pain management, regular sleeping patterns, weight maintenance, hormones, moods, and more.

Through further research, scientists learned cannabis contains a plant version of the same compounds produced by the endocannabinoid system. These compounds, cannabinoids including THC and CBD, can improve an animal’s functions, including relieving pain and anxiety.

How Much Cannabis Should You Give a Pet?

Start off in small doses of cannabis oil for pet treatment. There are no federally approved doses. You will need to experiment and closely monitor your dog or cat to track their response. Remember, they won’t tell you if they need more or less!

The bigger the animal, the more cannabis oil for pets is needed. Try breaking up the servings to morning and night at first. A small cat may only require 10 milligrams a day, while large-breed horses may require 200 milligrams. Starting in low amounts, maintain a regime for a week or two. Journal the effects to ensure safety before changing the amount.

Close monitoring and care will help your pet go back to feeling their best in no time.

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